Intelligent biosensors that power the future of healthcare

Predict changes. Intervene earlier. Prevent progression.

PercuSense’s continuous multi-analyte sensor system combines monitoring of multiple biosensors with knowledge of how diseases and illness progress to intelligently and proactively recommend treatment.



Multi-parameter continuous monitoring of lactate and glucose to identify metabolic changes to treat sepsis and other conditions earlier and more effectively. 


Why PercuSense?

High Performance, Low-Cost

Calibration-free performance that CGM users are accustomed to, in a more affordable package

Measure Multiple Parameters in a Single Sensor

Glucose, lactate, oxygen, ketones, and more. A combination of measurements tailored to each disease state

Added Features without
Added Size

The information doubles, but the size doesn't.

Multi-parameter monitoring in a small area

Ease of Use

One device is enough.

Our technology supports integrating sensors and infusion sets


Latest News

PercuSense Announces Project with HCT to Develop a Glucose and Ketone Monitor

November 2, 2020

By combining glucose and ketone on a single implantable sensor, PercuSense aims to reduce the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, reducing the burden and ultimately increasing the treatment options for people with diabetes.


PercuSense Awarded DIU/DTRA Contract to Develop Continuous Biosensor 

May 28, 2020

PercuSense will leverage its continuous monitoring platform to create a field deployable on-body system designed to rapidly identify chemical exposure and provide real time alerts to warfighters to drive threat reduction measures and treatment interventions. 


Integration of Ketone Sensing into Closed Loop Systems: The Clinical Case

January 12, 2019

PercuSense’s founder, Rajiv Shah, contributed to a paper highlighting

the clinical need and technical possibilities for combining a ketone sensor and glucose sensor into a single device. Such a device would provide the safety net that can prevent potentially serious incidents of diabetic ketoacidosis.


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The Team

The PercuSense team consists of extremely passionate and capable professionals with over 130 years

of medical technology productization experience in medical devices and continuous monitoring.


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