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High-Performance, Low-Cost Sensing


PercuSense is a development-stage company focused on minimally invasive medical devices that use physiological triggers to continuously monitor and proactively diagnose progression of diseases such as sepsis, cancer or diabetes, ultimately enabling more effective, smart therapy. Our products are based on a first-in-category, calibration-free electrochemical sensor that combines principles of glucose detection inspired by islet cell technology with a novel sensing electrode design that yields a low-profile implant and superior mechanical stability.  

Calibration Free

How can we achieve reliable sensing with only a manufacturing calibration? With a design that ensures in-vitro performance equals in-vivo performance, our sensor performs the same whether on test in the lab or when worn by our users. We can’t predict the unpredictable, but we can design around it. Implanted sensors face challenges – immune response, low oxygen conditions, local bleeding – that can impact sensor performance. Our unique transducer and chemistry design reduce the impact of these anomalies for trusted sensor performance.

Glucose Sensing Anywhere
Glucose sensors are typically worn on the abdomen or arm for optimal performance. With the PercuSense design, users can obtain accurate and reliable continuous glucose measurements from virtually any accessible site on the body. This reduces burden by allowing truly discreet use that is not in conflict with the needs of therapy delivery systems.

High Performance, Low Cost

Design for low-cost manufacturing is central to the PercuSense sensor. A low capital expense manufacturing cell has been developed that relies on mature materials and process methodology derived from non-medical technology industries. The manufacturing approach is scalable, flexible, and capable of supporting a multi-generational product strategy with limited retooling.

Multiple Analyte Measurement

Unique to the PercuSense approach is the ability to include multiple channels of sensor functionality within a single implant. Opportunities for multi-analyte metabolic monitoring have application in health and wellness, chronic disease management and acute illness management. These accessible, low-cost metabolic monitoring tools have the potential to drive the future of personalized and precision medicine.


PercuSense has developed a range of core patent-pending technologies that bridge across several product platforms. These technologies can be customized and deployed to meet the needs of our partners for a variety of therapy and monitoring applications for diseases such as sepsis, cancer and diabetes.


Transducer Robust transducer that uses novel materials to create a low-cost sensor that is very simple to manufacture


Chemistry Innovative chemistry that draws on islet cells for inspiration to deliver performance that is not impacted by body environment


Instrumentation Instrumentation that offers a high degree of integration and leverages a low-cost BLE architecture for compatibility


Accessories Simplified insertion process that makes sensor deployment at any site quick and easy


Our products serve patients across the continuum of care, providing real-time and retrospective information to improve disease management and drive intelligent therapy delivery.

Chronic Care

As many as 3 million people in the United States alone have Type 1 diabetes. Yet only a small percentage are using continuous glucose monitoring devices. PercuSense aims to change this by reducing the burden of wearing glucose management and increasing access through lower cost solutions.

Critical Care

Early intervention is the key to successful outcomes in many disease states. PercuSense technology provides multi-analyte monitoring that can be deployed at early stages of treatment, providing valuable information to proactively manage critical healthcare situations and enabling more effective smart therapy.


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