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Continuous Ketone Sensing to Prevent DKA

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a costly and potentially deadly complication for people

with diabetes that can be identified and prevented with ketone detection.


Integrating continuous ketone monitoring with glucose sensing is a unique opportunity to

improve on existing CGM technology. The ability to continuously monitor ketone levels,

in addition to glucose, is in high demand for endocrinologists and patients.



annually for DKA

in U.S. alone



total cost of DKA hospitalizations

in the U.S.



in the U.S. from DKA

SGLT inhibitors benefit T1Ds but at the risk of increased DKA.

With active ketone monitoring, the benefits of SGLT inhibitors outweigh the risks for T1Ds. Continuous ketone monitoring will help enable a new class of oral medications benefiting people with Type 1 Diabetes.

SGLT Inhibitor Benefits



Lower A1C

with no increase

in hypoglycemia


cardio and renal protective

SGLT Inhibitor Risks


increase in DKA incidence in SGLT2 inhibitor studies in T1Ds

The PercuSense Solution


PercuSense’s solution provides built in ketone monitoring with its glucose sensor. Measuring both analytes on a single probe, the system measures ketones levels without any added burden to the user. The ketone sensor will provide an early warning of DKA risk to prompt user action.

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